I am self taught artist I began creating art when I bought my first set of paint's in WH Smiths at the grand old age of 12, this little box of oils opened the world to me. I have since experimented with many mediums but always gravitate back to oil and pastel as they both have quality’s that work very well with my semi abstract impressionistic style. I cannot really put a name to my style as its mine. I have not been influenced by academia’s version of art it is more than a style it’s me.

I favour black and white with a touch of colour with strong lines and visible brush strokes mainly Cityscapes and people I love the contrast between the hardness of buildings and the softness of people, how we try to adapt ourselves to the city life. I also love people at play, by the sea, snow ball fights, children splashing about the little fun things that remind us that life can be great.

I will happily take commissions and can produce work from a perfect little still life to a large statement piece, if you can imagine it I can create it for you, if you see something you like, that is no longer available, I can provide you with something similar, art is like a snowflake no two pieces are alike.